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Since 2002, we have supplied over 225 major companies with a robust pipeline of gifted, diverse talent to fill entry level business technology positions. The projects our interns work on are foundational and critical, and in turn free up more seasoned talent to focus on other pressing initiatives.

Our approach not only drives your business success, it also provides equitable access to meaningful careers for young people who live in underserved communities and face barriers to sustained economic opportunity.

Current Corporate Partners

Internship Roles

Genesys Works students undergo 8 weeks of intensive training in the professional and technical skills that will allow them to quickly begin adding value to your organization. Most students are trained for roles (and careers) in the IT field, while others may support the business operations, accounting, or even engineering needs of corporate partners.

Some examples of roles our interns can support with are:

Information Technology

Data Analytics

Help Desk Support

Computer Setup & Deployment

Database Management

Quality Assurance Testing

Web Development

Project Coordination

Business Operations

Accounts Payable

Account Receivable

Vendor Management

Data Input, Analysis, Management

File Management & Archiving

Contract & Regulatory Compliance

Internship Details at a Glance

1:00 - 5:00

Daily Schedule


Weekly Hours

9 - 12 Months

Length of Internship

Partnership Benefits

Ready from Day One

Our upfront training reduces the effort required for traditional on-boarding work, thereby increasing the capacity of full-time staff to focus on higher level priorities. 

Leadership Opportunities

As supervisors of interns, low to mid-level managers gain mentorship and leadership experience, providing growth opportunities and a more well-rounded perspective on hiring.

Competitive Differentiation

The unique perspective and influence of Genesys Works students serves as a proven competitive differentiator in the market, as companies with the top quartile for ethnic/cultural diversity are 36% more likely to have industry-leading profitability

Direct Access to Tomorrow's Skilled Workforce

Companies who partner with us can hire Genesys Works interns right out of high school or as they complete postsecondary degrees and credentials; affording them access to a gifted and diverse talent pool.

Good for the Community.
Good for the Bottom Line.

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