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Be a Catalyst for Change in
Corporate America

When you join Genesys Works, you gain access to a community dedicated to making your career aspirations a reality.

Our “earn and learn” model provides you with in-demand business technology training and matches you to a paid, meaningful year-long internship with a company during your senior year of high school. As a young professional, your unique perspective positively influences your company’s business and overall culture.

You develop professional skills, gain experience with a major corporation, earn $10,000-$15,000 during your senior year of high school, build an impressive resume, meet new students from other schools, and drive meaningful change within major corporations.

When I started to notice the difference was when I was back in school. I was back in high school and I wasn’t the same guy. I wasn’t a normal average student. I stood out from the crowd. I was that kid who was extremely motivated. That person who knew what he wanted and extremely confident. That’s when I realized this program really changed my life.

How it Works

Develop Professional Skills

Once accepted, you complete an eight-week summer Skills Training Program focused on key areas such as business etiquette, conflict resolution, and communication skills.

Real Work Experience

After successfully completing training, you are placed in a paid internship with a major corporation. You’ll work 20 hours per week, leaving school at mid-day and working four hours per day at one of our corporate partners. In your position, you will be a contributing and influential member of a professional work team, doing real work for major companies.

Access to Opportunities

Throughout your internship, you receive additional classroom instruction and individual college and/or career counseling through our College & Career Connections Program. If college is your desired future pathway, Genesys Works staff assists you with college selection, applications, grants, and scholarships.

Shape Your Future

Once you’ve graduated from high school and completed your internship, Genesys Works provides ongoing support through our Alumni Program. Our team helps you navigate the complex world of post-secondary education, as well as other obstacles that may stand in your way of achieving college and career success.

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