Frequently Asked Questions

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What to know before joining the program

We are looking for ambitious juniors in high school who are seeking to learn more about business technology and learn ways to achieve a successful future career. The only program requirements are that you are on track to graduate, are able to work in the U.S., and can have an adjusted school schedule (with less classes) to accommodate your internship hours. We do not have a GPA requirement.
Our interviews will take place from March to April. Depending on the Genesys Works location where you applied, your interview may be in person or virtual. Be sure to check your email for updates from us on the process and specific dates!
No! We will teach you everything you need to know to be ready for your internship. Your internship will be in a large corporation. As such, all we ask is that you have an interest in learning more about business technology and professional development. 
Don’t worry! Check out these interview resources here.
Our program is only for juniors going into their senior year of high school.

What to know once you've been accepted

Skills training runs for 8 weeks during the summer. This year, training will take place in-person or hybrid depending on your training site. You will train in either a morning session or afternoon session. Throughout the 8 weeks, you will learn everything you need to know to get ready for your paid corporate internship during the school year. Contact your local GW site to get more specific information about what your training will look like.

We call our students young professionals for a reason. We want you to get a taste of professional life throughout our training and program. We ask that you dress according to your local Genesys Works dress code policy and dress with confidence to present yourself in the best way possible.  
While there are no guarantees, if you successfully complete summer training and earn an internship, we will do everything we can to make sure a job awaits you.

What to know before you start your internship

As an intern, you’ll work 20 hours a week at a top company in the metro area. Most of our young professionals go to school in the morning and then work at their corporate internships from 1 to 5 PM Monday to Friday (there are no weekend hours!). We also hold 1 to 2 Career & College Connection seminars every month to help you prepare for college or whatever pathway you choose after high school!

Your internship will typically last 12 months. Most internships start in August of your senior year and end the next August before you go to college. You won’t have to worry about getting a summer job before you head off to college!
You’ll earn $10,000-$15,000 over the course of your 12-month internship.
Genesys Works chooses the company you’ll work for by carefully considering your strengths, the needs of that company, geographic location (in-person vs hybrid approach, which is a combination of virtual and in-person) and the transportation options available to you. 
It depends on your school. Many schools offer high school credit for summer training and your work-based learning credits for your internship. Your best bet is to check with your counselor.
Yes, you can! We’ll help you come up with a schedule that works for you and your company.
Being a young professional is a large time commitment, but the benefits are huge! As a young professional, you’ll know what it takes to be successful in the corporate world, have resume-worthy technology and business skills, create a plan for college, and earn $15,000. Genesys Works is a big-time commitment and we have seen students successfully participate in extracurricular activities or sports, but it can be challenging. We encourage you to chat with your Genesys Works contact about your situation in order to determine the best path for you.