February 2019 Feature: Making Internships Meaningful

February 7, 2019


Twin Cities

Supervisor Feature: Genesys Works Twin Cities is grateful to have over 200 supervisors in our network of devoted IT and business professionals that support and mentor our young professionals. This February, we’re recognizing Penny Tupy at 3M who was nominated by her intern Pin Yang for her phenomenal work as a Genesys Works supervisor.

It’s Penny’s first year as a Genesys Works supervisor, but that isn’t stopping her from providing a great experience with the program!  Penny’s intern Pin shared, “Thank you for your encouragement and for your guidance so far! This is the first time for both of us, and you are doing great as a first time supervisor for Genesys Works! Thank you so much!” Penny’s doing a great job providing a baseline and next level experience for her intern. At the baseline experience level, Penny ensures Pin is doing meaningful work that is integral to the team and provides clear and direct feedback to Pin on a consistent basis. Penny also does a phenomenal job mixing in consistent and repeatable tasks with some larger and more varying projects. As Penny learns more about Pin’s interests, she also reaches out to other teams so that they can leverage Pin as a resource and so Pin can get more exposure to 3M. Penny also goes above and beyond to give Pin a next level experience! Pin raves about her ability to complete “informational interviews” throughout her internship year.

Professional development is one of the “next level” pillars we hope all Genesys Works interns get to experience. Penny is doing a great job using informational interviews as a tool for giving Pin professional development experience. Pin shared, “I want to nominate my supervisor because my supervisor helped me with informational interviews and introduced me to her colleagues in areas I have an interest in.” Pin is still exploring and deciding what she wants out of a career, so being able to meet with departments within IT and outside of IT has been really helpful. Penny partners with her intern to help set up these informational meetings with other 3M employees, but then Pin takes over and conducts those informational interviews independently. Moreover, Penny uses informational interviews as a way to keep Pin engaged and energized in her internship. Recognizing that Pin does a lot of repetitive yet important tasks like scanning files, informational interviews provide a relational element to the internship experience. Moreover, Penny encourages Pin to take on stretch projects. As a way to further Pin’s leadership skills, Penny has worked with Pin to host a 3M intern meeting. In this meeting, Pin will organize an intern-to-intern shadowing day for all 3M Genesys Works interns and she couldn’t do it without Penny’s support and guidance! Genesys Works Supervisors, if you are interested in facilitating informational interviews for your interns like Penny, connect with your Genesys Works Program Coordinator to learn more information.  

On behalf of Genesys Works, we thank Penny for her demonstrated commitment to making a meaningful internships experience for Genesys Works young professionals.

Intern Feature: Genesys Works Twin Cities has over 280 amazing young professionals in our program – engaged and motivated interns working towards career success in their future. This February, we are recognizing Yibeltal Wattero, a Highland Park High School senior and young professional at Prime Therapeutics. Yibeltal’s supervisor, Gayle Nelson, nominated him based on the energy and committed work ethic he brings into the workplace each day.

Yibeltal’s supervisor Gayle shared, “Yibeltal is a pleasure to work with as a coworker and has achieved a lot for our team as an intern in the short time he has been with Prime Therapeutics. He should be recognized for his efforts!” One of the qualities Gayle appreciates most about Yibeltal is his level of engagement. No matter what task Yibeltal is tackling, he shows his team that he is excited and ready to learn more. According to Gayle, Yibeltal has “an infectiously positive view of every project and task… He always has a smile on his face, even while fighting with tough Excel documents!” Yibeltal knows that even challenging and sometimes monotonous Excel work is important for his team and his own professional development, so he maintains that positivity irrespective of the assignment! Yibeltal’s attitude makes him a fantastic collaborator within his team as well. Yibeltal is always present, asking questions, paying attention, and brings a level of confidence into every interaction with his broader team. Outside of his day-to-day tasks, Yibeltal has also shown a deep passion for building his IT knowledge. With permission from his supervisor, Yibeltal is independently learning more coding and he’s practicing by building games and other technology. In true Yibeltal fashion, he taps into his team to receive feedback and insight about how to further develop his coding skills and on how to improve his application. The Genesys Works internship experience exists to provide more exposure to the IT field for our young professionals, and it’s clear Yibeltal is soaking up as much as he can about IT.

Yibeltal’s teamwork extends past just having a positive attitude. Yilbeltal’s ability to quickly pick up on new tasks has been essential for his team. Gayle’s team lost a teammate at one point during the year, so Yibeltal had to take on some operational tasks outside of the original scope of Yibeltal’s internship role. Without hesitation, Yibeltal stepped into this new work to help offset some of the missing resources on his team. A large part of why Yibeltal could take over the work in the operational space is because of his strong research skills. Yibeltal does a great job digging into what he doesn’t know, and he’s great about researching in order to answer some of his own questions. Moreover, Yibeltal’s work has had a huge impact on Prime as an organization. Yilbeltal was a key contributor for transferring names and information into Prime’s information management software. Because Yibeltal accurately executed the data transfer process, Prime can now leverage additional developer resources which provided huge “savings for the company while maintaining high security standards.”

On behalf of Genesys Works, Prime Therapeutics, and Yibeltal’s supervisor Gayle, we thank you for committing to your meaningful internship experience.

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