Funder Spotlight: York Solutions

May 16, 2019

Press Release

Twin Cities


There are a variety of ways in which companies choose to partner with Genesys Works. And from our hypothetical menu of options, York Solutions has seemingly checked every box.

Within a company, you only need one individual who champions your organization, but it certainly helps when that individual is the CEO. Richard Walker, York Solutions CEO and Founder of the Think IT Association has championed Genesys Works since he discovered us. For more than a year, he has made residence on our Board of Directors and doesn’t seem to be slowing down in enthusiasm. Stated by Richard at our recent Breaking Through Ceremony, “If you can do something to help others to achieve their dreams… then why wouldn’t you do it? Genesys Works is truly a life-changing organization, so when it was first brought to my attention, it was a no-brainer to get involved.”

And speaking of the Breaking Through Ceremony, York Solutions not only provided silver-level sponsorship but additionally, presented scholarships to four Genesys Works college students through their Think IT Association. As part of this scholarship, each student receives $8,000 over two years in addition to support in career exploration and mentorship. You can read more about these outstanding scholars in a series of upcoming spotlights on our website, including this week’s feature on Brandon Ngo.

Beyond the Breaking Through Ceremony, York Solutions has sponsored our largest event, aka Draft Day, for the past two years and has also participated in our CIO Luncheon as a table sponsor. Perhaps most notably, York Solutions’ Think IT Association hosts an annual golf fundraiser – the Think IT Golf Invitational – each June to raise money for Genesys Works. On June 24th, they’ll host their 6th annual event on our behalf.

But events are not the only area in which they’ve chosen to invest. Their Link to Leadership program has directly benefited a selection of Genesys Works staff. Designed for IT professionals with career goals in IT leadership, it offers six classes led by senior members of the Think IT Association. Participants develop soft skills and are given the opportunity to learn from senior IT professionals within the organization. That’s not all. The fee for participation directly proceeds Genesys Works.

We’re grateful to York Solutions, the Think IT Association, and Richard Walker and his staff for the tangible ways in which they’ve left a mark on Genesys Works. And we’re also grateful for the intangible – and often unacknowledged – ways in which they continue to illustrate that they’re in it with us – the staff and the students – for the distant, foreseeable future.

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