Genesys Works Partners with ITA to Increase Opportunities in Tech for Low-Income Youth

July 7, 2015



CHICAGO, IL – July 7, 2015 – The Illinois Technology Association (ITA) and Genesys Works Chicago are excited to announce a new partnership that will expand opportunities for low-income youth to enter the technology field. Both organizations are deeply involved in Chicago’s tech industry—ITA supports growth-stage technology companies, and Genesys Works is reshaping the future technology workforce by empowering low-income high school students to pursue careers in the field.

“Partnering with ITA is an exciting step for our organization,” said Genesys Works Executive Director Jim Morgan, “They offer incredibly valuable services to the tech community and have great relationships with companies in the area. As we continue to grow in Chicago, we’re grateful to have ITA’s support.”

Genesys Works is a social enterprise that prepares Chicago’s low-income youth for an increasingly global, technology-driven workforce. The organization partners with the business community to provide underprivileged high school students with technical training, place them in IT internships, and guide them from high school, through college, and into the workforce.

ITA has seen firsthand how a Genesys Works intern can make a difference not only in a student’s life, but in the workplace. Genesys Works recently provided ITA with an intern to support the creation and maintenance of a new database. “The Genesys Works interns are so well-trained that you forget you’re working with a high school student,” said Fred Hoch, ITA CEO. “Over the last few months,” he added, “it’s been great to see how an intern can bring fresh energy into the workplace, create opportunities for employees to serve as mentors and supervisors, and free up time for our team to focus on more challenging tasks.”

As the Genesys Works intern continues making a difference in the workplace, ITA looks forward to ensuring that its members can benefit from a similar partnership.

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