Twin Cities Virtual Tech Conference

July 9, 2020


Twin Cities

Summer training has gone virtual this year, which has prompted even more innovation. This summer, we will be hosting our first-ever Virtual Tech Conference, featuring Genesys Works alumni, tech trainers, corporate supervisors, and other experts in the technology industry.

Topics will cover a wide range of technology expertise and be presented to the Class of 2021 as they prepare to enter the workforce via a one-year, paid internship. This is just the first step as they embark on a career in business, technology, and beyond.

Notably, the morning and afternoon keynotes – Haley Coller and Joan Zheng – represent two Genesys Works classes: respectively, ’12 and ’15. A key element, says Haley, in embarking on your career does not have to be grand:  “When forging a career path, remember to start small and build upon the skills and experiences you’ve already developed in order to propel your path forward. But, also remember that you can always pivot because you are the CEO of your life.”

Elements of the conference will not only include advice on forging this career path but provide insight into topics from cybersecurity to web development. Companies represented at the conference include: 3M, Best Buy, CHS, Dell, Ecolab, HTC, Land O’Lakes, The Makery, and Target.

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