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April 15, 2020



How Midcoast Energy and Genesys Works are preparing our future workforce. 

At Genesys Works, the companies we partner with are vital to our mission. Partners like Midcoast Energy are committed to providing opportunities to Houston’s young people, paving the way toward resilient and sustainable futures. They understand that the opportunities we provide today will have lasting effects in our communities tomorrow.

Ramon Garcia pictured with class of 2020 intern, Nadalie.

Ramon Garcia, Director of Accounting at Midcoast, has been a champion of the Genesys Works program since he was an intern supervisor at Enbridge. When Ramon transitioned from Enbridge to Midcoast in 2018, he made sure to bring the Genesys Works program with him. “By hiring Genesys Works interns, Midcoast is helping instill the basic tenants of what it means to be a successful professional within the Houston energy space and in doing so, creating the next generation of professionals in this sector,” shared Ramon.

At Midcoast, they appreciate the symbiotic relationship between their organization and Genesys Works. The company gets value from the work performed by interns, and the interns gain critical professional experience. Michelle Peacock, Director, G&P Gas Accounting and Accounts Payable for Midcoast, recognizes the mutual benefits and is proud to invest in the industry’s future workforce. She said, “It is important to Midcoast to hire Genesys Works interns as it provides the next generation of adults an opportunity they may not otherwise have had, all while benefitting Midcoast with workforce talent at a competitive price point.”

Interns at Midcoast aren’t fetching coffee, they’re filling vital job functions. In the accounting department, interns work directly with the company’s invoices, scanning, filing, and even helping to manage vendor relationships. Greg Hughes, a Genesys Works supervisor and Accounting Advisor for Midcoast, works with interns every day and knows that they can get the job done. “Genesys Works provides the tools for interns to come into a professional work environment and hit the ground running,” said Greg. “The interns provide valuable services which allow full-time employees time to concentrate on more analytical work.”

Greg Hughes pictured with class of 2020 intern, Ariel.

Genesys Works is bridging the gap that exists between companies in need of skilled entry-level employees, and young people who aren’t learning the professional skills they need to be workforce ready in school.

Nadalie Carmona, an intern at Midcoast, understands the value this real-world experience will bring. She knows that the work she’s putting in today will give her a leg up as she pursues a professional career in the future. “I’ve learned a lot at Midcoast. My internship requires problem solving, organizational, and time management skills,” she said. “Without those skills, it would be easy to fall behind, especially in the fast-paced environment of Midcoast. My internship has taught me how to handle these responsibilities, and I know my coworkers are relying on me.”

Together, Genesys Works and local companies such as Midcoast are providing professional opportunities to young people and imparting real change on local communities. Thanks to our corporate partners, amazing things are happening at the intersection of motivation and opportunity.

To learn more about the value a Genesys Works intern can bring to your team, email us at corporatepartnerships@genesysworks.org. You can also check out our video library here. 

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