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A Message from the Genesys Works Houston Executive Director: Our COVID-19 Action Plan

During these difficult times, we are especially grateful for our Genesys Works community. We believe it’s more important than ever to uphold our mission by maintaining our students’ income stability and to prioritize the health and safety of our students, partners, staff, and the Twin Cities community. As a member of the Genesys Works community, we want to keep you apprised of our team’s recent efforts.

Mentorship Matters: Prashant Bashyal

Prashant Bashyal was a 16-year-old high school junior at Westside High School when his school bus route took him past the Sysco headquarters in the Energy Corridor of Houston for the first time. Each time he passed the building, he wondered about the people who worked there and what it would be like to walk the halls of that building. Prashant was looking for part-time work with fast food restaurants at the time but had not been successful. This story is part of our monthly Mentorship Matters series.

Genesys Works Receives $400,000 Investment from The George Foundation to Expand to Fort Bend Independent School District

Genesys Works (GW) today announced a grant of $400,000 from The George Foundation to improve career readiness for young people in Fort Bend County. The funds will support the organization’s mission of providing pathways to career success for students in underserved communities across the region by teaching them in-demand skills and connecting them to professional opportunities.

Mentorship Matters: Wilfredo Sandoval

Why is mentorship important? Mentoring reinforces the power of relationships and can help us redefine what it means to be “the right fit” or “management material.” It also helps us understand the importance of advocacy and being advocates for ourselves and others. Wilfredo Sandoval, Genesys Works class of 2013, knows firsthand the power of mentoring. The way he sees it, “Someone helped me, now I have to pay it forward.”

Sparking Futures: Giving America’s Youth a Head Start

What does it mean to give someone the gift of an opportunity? An opportunity can look like many things: a big break, a leg up, a head start, or simply…a chance.

We don’t talk much about this “opportunity gap” at the dinner table or on the news like we do hunger or homelessness. We rarely hear corporate leaders or politicians speak on the topic at conferences or rallies. But the truth is, those with extensive learning resources will academically out-perform those without. Although this lack of resource can be attributed to a number of sources, the outcome is always the same.