Game Changers. Generosity. Gratitude.

As 2019 comes to a close, GWTC Executive Director Karen Marben reflects on some of this year’s most impactful highlights at Genesys Works Twin Cities. For Karen, 2019 is summarized by results that are Game Changers, supporters who exude Generosity, and her own Gratitude for the impact of the organization.

Ending Poverty: Empowering Youth to Change Their Future

With 15 million children living in families with incomes below the federal poverty threshold, poverty is a prevalent problem across the United States. Limited or no access to resources that create opportunities to advance continues the vicious cycle.

While ending poverty seems like an impossible promise, today’s youth are taking the steps to do so. Young people who successfully navigate college and career can and are ending generational poverty for their families. The difference is this: when provided an opportunity to supplement their high school curriculum with learning future-proof skills and exposed to real-world work experience, youth have the power to change their future trajectory.

Changing Lives: More Than A Job

You need experience to get a job, but you need a job to get experience. This is the type of Catch-22 that young people across the country are facing today. Although youth in America can’t buy experience, they can certainly be connected to meaningful opportunities to gain the skills which will help them achieve a viable career.

Alumni Profile: Alicia Lee

We sat down with Genesys Works Twin Cities 2015 alumnus and former Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota intern and current Genesys Works operations intern Alicia Lee to see what she’s up been up to since completing the high school program four years ago. Spoiler alert: she’s been up to a lot of good things. Check it out!

Genesys Works Announces New Board Members

Genesys Works (, a national social enterprise that provides pathways to career success for students in underserved communities, announced today that Nelly Akoth and Dharti Tripathi, have been elected to the Genesys Works National Board of Directors.

December 2019 Feature: Making Internships Meaningful

Check out our 2019-2020 Making Internships Meaningful launch and see who the first supervisor and intern spotlights are. A meaningful internship can only happen when supervisors are devoted to their young professional’s experience and young professionals exemplify drive and commitment in their internship. Through this series, we want to capture how supervisors and interns are both Making Internships Meaningful.

Sparking Futures: Giving America’s Youth a Head Start

What does it mean to give someone the gift of an opportunity? An opportunity can look like many things: a big break, a leg up, a head start, or simply…a chance.

We don’t talk much about this “opportunity gap” at the dinner table or on the news like we do hunger or homelessness. We rarely hear corporate leaders or politicians speak on the topic at conferences or rallies. But the truth is, those with extensive learning resources will academically out-perform those without. Although this lack of resource can be attributed to a number of sources, the outcome is always the same.