Bridging Experience:  Genesys Works High School Interns Connect with Early Career Engineering Development Professionals at Williams.

March 19, 2024

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Our high school interns at Williams enjoyed engaging in a remarkable roundtable event, uniting them with William’s dedicated Early Career Engineering Development Professionals (EDPs). Program Coordinator Emmanuel Oyeniran initiated this concept of bridging experience. “When an intern shared her anxiety about being the first in her family to attend college, I felt compelled to act. I pondered what could unite everyone and shared this idea with Mark, our intern liaison at Williams. Surprisingly, he was already contemplating a similar idea. Without hesitation, we decided to move forward with it. Now, the initiative has become a permanent fixture.” Oyeniran said.  

This event aimed to offer our high school interns a platform to connect, pose questions, and gain insights from the EDPs on crucial aspects of their journeys, such as college, internships, first jobs, living away from home, and essential life skills.

“I was working at Taco Cabana to help my family, and once I was introduced to Genesys Works, I began to see another life for me…Learning about app development and website development at Williams has sparked my interest. I aim to immerse myself in an environment that fosters innovation and challenges me to push the boundaries of my knowledge and abilities. After graduation, I plan to study STEM at the University of Houston or Standford University.”

Kelvin Sanchez, Alief Early College High School, Williams Intern 

Reflecting on this enriching roundtable event, we thank everyone who participated. The connections made, advice shared, and experiences exchanged contribute to the growth not only of our interns but also to the collective strength of our professional community.

Thank you to all who participated in making this event a success. Here’s to the bright futures we are collectively building!

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