How working on technical projects taught more than just technical skills

During my internship at Optum, I had the opportunity to work on a scrum team. A scrum team is a group of people who work together to deliver products, and there are three main parts of any scrum team…. All of the Genesys Works interns on my team are developers, but we all also got a chance to be a scrum master. Throughout the year, my team worked on and learned from several projects.

2020 Think IT Scholarship Spotlight: Veronica Venegas

York Solutions, in partnership with Genesys Works Twin Cities, the Think IT Association, and Wallin Education Partners, is excited to announce the 2020 Think IT Scholarship winners: Veronica Venegas, Sue Xiong, Faiza Mah, and Pa Gar Vang. In the first of four upcoming features, we are excited to spotlight Veronica Venegas, a sophomore at Minneapolis College majoring in Computer Science who plans to transfer to Augsburg University in the fall. As a Class of 2018 Genesys Works young professional, Veronica interned at Medtronic. And, you may recognize her name: she was our keynote speaker at the 2018 CIO Luncheon, and her speech earned her a standing ovation.

Forging my career path with Genesys Works and Target

I joined Genesys Works because I wanted to learn more about the tech industry and gain hands-on insight into corporate life. I didn’t know much about what I wanted to pursue once I was attending college, so Genesys Works was a chance to see if Information Technology was for me. During my high school internship at Abbott, I found out that I liked IT, but I had a bigger passion for art and decided to declare a major in Graphic Design. However, I was still uncertain what exactly I wanted to do with this degree.