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Three skills I’m building for my future

The most important skills I’ve learned in my Genesys Works experience are all of my professional skills. Throughout the summer and internship year, I’ve gotten more preparation for becoming a young professional, and my program coordinators have helped me a lot. For example, I’ve learned how to dress in a professional setting, send out professional emails, and code switch.

Young Professional Guest Blogger Series: Opportunities Now for my Future

By providing me with an internship experience, Genesys Works is paving me a new path rich with opportunity and is completely restructuring my life in the best way possible. I originally applied for this program because I felt that going to school wasn’t enough for me to make a decision about what I want to focus on in the future. I’ve felt pressured many times to answer the question “What career do you want to pursue?” because I didn’t think I had the needed resources and experience to make that decision.

April 2020 Feature: Making Internships Meaningful

For the past month, a normal work-day has looked quite different for our supervisors and interns. But, while circumstances have changed, many have stepped up to the new challenge with optimism and creativity. So, this month, we’re sharing insights and reflections from a few interns who are demonstrating #IsolationInnovations. As you’ll read, they have taken the initiative to work on new projects, have remained organized, and have certainly taken advantage of the short commute!

Annual Impact Report Extended Story: Becoming a Successful Woman in STEM

Kinza Ahmed excelled in her high school internship at Ecolab. So, when she decided to attend the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities for college, she decided that she wasn’t anywhere near finished with Genesys Works. To reach her dreams, Kinza knew she had to go above and beyond: “Ever since I was a young girl, I have always had a keen interest in technology and how it has modernized our world and has become a part of our everyday life. I would like to be a successful woman in technology to show the world that women in STEM can also achieve great things,” explained Kinza.

Annual Impact Report Extended Story: Vision for Sustainable Impact

Brandon Vi, a young professional at Best Buy, understands the big picture. He knows that he’s part of something that will benefit him in the long run as he pursues a career in technology. And, he knows that he’s part of something more significant than just himself – something that will benefit the futures of so many young people like him who don’t have access to high-paying technology careers at a company like Best Buy.

Annual Impact Report Extended Story: Transforming Struggle into Ambition

Aisha Mohamed has traveled great distances – literally and figuratively – to get to where she is today, a high school senior and client experience intern at Cargill. Born in Kenya, Aisha’s family emigrated to Minnesota when she was just three; like many immigrant families, they initially relied on government assistance and were determined to succeed.

Talent Development Pipeline 2020 Application

The Talent Development Pipeline (TDP) is an exclusive program designed for enthusiastic young professionals who want to launch a career in business technology. TDP members receive ongoing individualized support and access to unique skill-building experiences throughout college.