The Alumni Catch-Up: From Mission to Impact

February 21, 2022

Tarrell Talbert
Genesys Works National Capital Region Alum 2019

Where are you in your career journey?
I am currently a junior at North Carolina A&T State University, pursuing a bachelor’s in Computer Engineering.

Where do you see yourself professionally in three to five years?
I hope to get an internship this summer that could either co-op into my next semester or gain the experience I need within my field. Soon after interning, I hope to have networked and made connections that lead to a permanent position where I can grow and continue doing what I love.

What is your ultimate career goal?
I have a deep love for sci-fi movies and comics. I’m equally passionate about computers and the potential they have to either destroy us or bring us together. I want to master coding languages and be a part of a company working with mixed reality in ways that don’t disconnect people or have them become complacent. Instead, I want to connect people in creative ways. I have always wanted to create appliances that display a 3D interactive hologram to access different notes, depending on the appliance (refrigerator, desk, island table, etc.) throughout the house. Most importantly, I hope to be at a company where I can share my ideas and be part of a collaborative team.

Thanks for catching up, Tarrell!

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