Volunteer Appreciation Month: Intern Supervisor Spotlight

April 13, 2022


Eve ColmusClif Bar

What motivated you to partner with Genesys Works?

So many young people have a hard time seeing themselves in tech because of their gender or ethnicity. My goal is to change that and give them the tools and inspiration they need to make it in the industry. 

What makes serving as an intern supervisor a meaningful use of your time? 

Seeing a change in the attitude and confidence of my interns makes it completely worth the investment.

What is the most significant benefit you receive as a Genesys Works intern supervisor?

The most significant benefit I receive from serving as an intern supervisor is the opportunity to expand my mentorship abilities and gain experience managing performance and goal tracking. 

What is the most memorable accomplishment of your experience?

My most memorable accomplishment is working with two high school interns, Jaime and Matthew, during COVID while the whole company is working from home. Shelter in place really made me reevaluate how I manage our interns and how to adjust learning and training based on our new schedule. 

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