Genesys Works Is About More Than Earning a Job to Me

April 23, 2021


Twin Cities

Ying Moua, Young Professional at Abbott

When I was a junior in high school, I decided to do something different than work during the summer. Instead, I trained with Genesys Works. Because of this decision, I earned a once-in-a-lifetime internship at Abbott and am receiving guidance throughout my senior year and college!

Stress personally hasn’t been much of a factor for me, and because the Genesys Works community has impacted me so much, I’ve wanted to make an impact, too! I decided to become a Student Ambassador for Genesys Works as a representative at Johnson Senior High School, and I’ve sought to influence more to join the program. Once you begin training, you’re greeted with warmth, respect, and an unbelievable internship you can even add to your resume.

Through my role as a Genesys Works Student Ambassador, I have sought to make an impact by motivating others to see this program as a way to build your future, just like I have. Genesys Works gives you the opportunity to earn an internship where you can explore many careers and fields and learn about the corporate environment. You can meet with mentors, entrepreneurs, and people who have been in your shoes to learn about their journeys through high school and college to get to where they are now. And, depending on what your future holds – whether college, the military, or another pathway – Genesys Works always tries to find ways to connect your future self to your present self. Many may want a job or money at first, but I’ve hoped to expand their perspectives that this program prepares them in so many other ways, too!

I know that by giving my best and recruiting younger students through my role in the Student Ambassador program, I’m helping others improve themselves, the people around them, and even the community. The learning opportunities and experience Genesys Works has to offer will provide great power to those who want it. By pursuing all that this program offers, you can exceed your own limitations and adventure to your future self. With the lessons Genesys Works has given me – the power of preparation and confidence – I know I’ll be prepared for my next step after high school: college.

Ying Moua is a Class of 2021 intern who currently holds a position at Abbott. He is also a student ambassador for the Genesys Works program, seeking to recruit the next class of young professionals from his high school, Johnson Aerospace & Engineering High School.

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