Cheers to Class 10!

June 26, 2020




Jareal Appling – Lantern Partners

While at Lantern Partners, Jareal completed data entry for job candidates, which she described as one of the most important roles at the company. “Because of my internship at Lantern Partners, I’ve become more social, more open, and more professional. I was able to build connections at work and have a better idea of what it means to be workforce ready.” Jareal will be attending the University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign this fall.

Romain Grant – Chicago Public Schools

Romain, who worked at Chicago Public Schools, was responsible for updating the school counselor submissions for each students’ scores and attendance for each of their attended sessions. Romain said he developed great relationships with his supervisors and colleagues at work. “Because of my internship experience, I became more confident and more professional in a corporate environment, even though I’m an introvert.” Romain plans to attend Oakton Community College.

Kevin Bonilla – Skender Construction

Kevin was excited about using Genesys Works as an opportunity to jumpstart his career—and he couldn’t have been more right! As an intern with Skender Construction this year, he did such an amazing job that Skender hired him full-time, and will help pay for his college tuition at the University of Illinois – Chicago.

Eduardo Vazquez – iManage

Becoming a part of Genesys Works helped Eduardo form a community, which he shared was previously difficult for him, coming from a low-income household on the south side of Chicago. “Genesys Works really showed me that at times you have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable in order to achieve success.” In the fall, Eduardo will attend the University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign.

Iccel Salas – Chicago Public Schools

Before she joined GWC, Iccel had the foresight to recognize that college can be stressful, and having a good internship experience could motivate her to continue working toward a professional career. “This experience gave me a taste of what type of jobs I could one day obtain and motivates me to keep working hard.” Iccel is planning to continue her education at the University of Illinois – Chicago.

Valerie Silva – KPMG

Valerie, an intern at KPMG, said the company came to represent so much more to her than just a business. “For me, KPMG represents drive, quality, strength, and the undeniable passion that so many have there, which I had the incredible opportunity of seeing firsthand. This internship gave me insight into what a huge world it is, and what I can do.”

Lesli Gonzalez – Tempus Labs

Lesli, who interned at Tempus Labs, plans to attend a city community college where she will study business, with the hopes of transferring to a 4-year university. “My internship taught me that the faster and better I worked, the more the company progressed. It made me feel good because I was a part of the process that helped patients get their cancer results faster.”

Nate Smith – Jet Support Services, Inc.

Nate, a Young Professional planning to attend National Louis University this fall, learned many important skills in his internship that helped him navigate the workplace, including how to converse with senior employees at his company. The best part of his internship, however, was seeing how businesses work firsthand, and being a part of that process.

Elaina Handley – Lantern Partners

In her role at Lantern Partners, Elaina was responsible for data entry and research. “During my internship, I learned a lot about myself as a person. I gained more confidence in asking questions, became more independent in solving problems, and become more resourceful. Without GWC, I never would have developed enough courage for the professional world.” Elaina will attend Northern Illinois University in the fall.

Micaiah Peyton – TransUnion

As the oldest of 5 children, Micaiah came to our program already understanding personal responsibility and work ethic, but those skills were honed during her time at Genesys Works. “My internship allowed me the room to be mature, in assigning me work and letting me finish it effectively while still being supportive if I had any questions.”

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