College Match & Fit

April 2, 2017



Houston – In addition to matching interns with meaningful internship experiences, Genesys Works also provides students with guidance and counseling on appropriate college and career pathways.

Students are able to identify college matches based on location, academics, culture, and financial aid.  For Marcelo Davila, who wasn’t sure he would go to college at all, Genesys Works has been eye-opening. “Being a part of Genesys Works actually influenced me to apply to college because before joining the program, I didn’t even know if I was going to be able to go to college due to a lot of factors.  After they inspired me to achieve greater things for myself in the future, I decided to apply to college because they showed me it was a really good fit for my future goals.”

In 2016, 94% of Genesys Works interns enrolled in college. Genesys Works offers bi-monthly college access assistance, which allows students to explore college opportunities. Helping students to understand their options is the first step to making higher education achievable.

“I believe that transitioning from high school to college is one of the most stressful things us teenagers will ever have to go through, but Genesys Works made it easy for me,” says Marcelo.  “They helped me with my college essays, my college applications, my FAFSA application, and now that I’m getting acceptance letters they’re helping me decide which college to go to.”

“I don’t know for certain exactly what’s going to happen when I get there, but Genesys Works gives its interns a really solid idea of how it’s going to be.”

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