Evan Kirchen, Williams

June 29, 2015



Evan Kirchen is the Vice President of Engineering and Construction for Williams, a leading energy company with its core business in natural gas processing and transportation. Evan was recently elected to the Genesys Works – Houston Board of Directors.  Williams has partnered with Genesys Works and provided meaningful internships for underserved Houston youth for over five years, but the value hasn’t only been for the students.

According to Evan, there are three aspects to any business: the company, shareholders, and the employee. “At Williams we do all we can to balance these but we are a very employee focused workplace.”  Genesys Works interns help the teams at Williams by delivering meaningful project outputs, creating an opportunity to engage with community stakeholders, and adding positive energy to the workplace. “Williams receives interns who help raise productivity, all while being able to provide the intern with a meaningful experience that furthers their professional development” says Evan.

An article on Business4Better quotes a study by the University of Bath stating that employees of companies with Corporate Community Involvement initiatives are more proud of and committed to their employers.  For the employee-centric Williams, the Genesys Works program is a perfect fit – adding additional support on teams, increasing productivity and giving staff members the opportunity to make a positive impact in the life of a deserving young person.

Genesys Works gives low-income, underserved high school students the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty within their families by providing professional and technical skills training and a meaningful paid high school internship at major Houston companies. Interns receive training in business, IT, or engineering career tracks as well as professional skills, including email communication, office etiquette, and presentation skills.  Evan is proud of his affiliation with Genesys Works: “Genesys Works interns are very professional and engaged. Working with them has reassured my confidence in humanity – we still have a generation that’s gifted and enthusiastic about making their dreams a reality.”

Genesys Works is currently seeking internship opportunities for our class of 2016 interns who will be placed in August of 2015.  Contact us today to learn more or to request interns for your company. 

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