February 2021 Feature: Making Internships Meaningful

February 11, 2021


Twin Cities

Intern Feature: Guleid Eleie, Amerprise Financial

Genesys Works Twin Cities has more than 310 amazing young professionals in our program – engaged and motivated interns – working towards career success. For our February Making Internships Meaningful feature, we are recognizing Ameriprise Financial intern Guleid Eleie who was nominated by his supervisor, Rajashree Rao, for his work ethic, passion for learning, and continuous drive to grow his skillsets throughout the internship.

At Amerprise, Guleid works within a strong network of support. Rajashree and Guleid have collaboratively worked together since the start of their journey together. Along with Raj, Barb Wailor also works really closely with Guleid and frequently meets with him to ensure success on his work responsibilities and provide a great internship experience. Guleid is always willing to take on new tasks and learn new things, especially with this kind of support. Says Raj, “Guleid is a great intern to work with and is passionate about learning and growing.” They both want him to get the most out of his internship and to be a role model for him.

At Ameriprise, Guleid works as an intern in the Field of Administrations and Banking Systems. His role consists of assisting agile board members with projects to keep the team organized and help them move forward. He also does some programming with the team members as well as other computer functions. Guleid has been a great addition to his team and enjoys working with them on a daily basis.

Guleid has been grateful for Raj’s leadership and guidance to him so far at Ameriprise. They communicate frequently and connect on different work projects and goals Guleid would like to achieve during his internship. “Raj supports me in my internship by getting me a lot of different resources and connections at my job, making my internship meaningful.” Guleid has been able to excel and succeed in his internship due to the support he gets from co-workers like Raj and Barb.

Guleid has appreciated his internship because of the growth he’s seen within himself, particularly within his technical knowledge and professional skillset. His advice for other young professionals is based upon his experience: to always manage your time wisely and don’t be afraid to reach out to someone for support and guidance. For the future, he also has some goals in mind – goals that he’s already actively working towards – he hopes to get into a good college where he’ll major in Management Information Systems. With his desire to learn and grow, his college experience is surely just the beginning of what will be a promising future in IT.

Supervisor Feature: Angie Stensrud, Prime Therapeutics

Angie Stensrud of Prime Therapeutics

Genesys Works Twin Cities is grateful to have more than 200 supervisors in our network of devoted IT and business professionals that support and mentor our young professionals. In our February installment of the 2020-2021 Making Internships Meaningful series, we recognize Prime Therapeutics supervisor Angie Stensrud for providing a strong support system for intern Christina Zheng.

Since the onset of Christina’s internship at Prime Therapeutics, Angie has been a consistent support system who seeks to ensure a meaningful internship experience. While she’s maintained regular check-ins with Christina in their virtual work environment, she goes above and beyond to make Christina a part of the team. Case in point: on the first day of her internship, Angie was willing to safely meet Christina at Prime Therapeutics in person to get her acquainted with the office and build a strong foundation together. Says Christina, “I’ve always appreciated how considerate and accommodating she has been… and for being one of my “prime” advocates. I never have any hesitation in reaching out if I need her!” Their strong foundation has not only led to valuable work opportunities but has allowed Christina to thrive at Prime.

Both Christina and Angie work within the IT department as a part of the IT Shared Services Organization team. Christina works under her supervisor as an IT Asset Management intern. They work with multiple teams and co-workers within contract management, asset management, and IT communications. Angie’s noticed the value Christina provides to the team: “Christina has quickly become a very valuable member of our team by assisting with many daily tasks such as uploading new contracts to our database, running daily purchasing reporting, analyzing our telecom spend, and assisting with maintaining our IT asset data.” Christina also regularly communicates with the IT Communications team to assist with weekly posts on the Prime Therapeutics IT Community Yammer page.

Angie shares that she fell into her role as a Genesys Works supervisor and loved it right away. She appreciates how interns can bring a fresh and energetic perspective to the work they do. It’s now her third year as a supervisor, and she’s been able to grow in her leadership skills as well as help interns like Christina meet their goals and excel. According to Angie, the Genesys Works program has been a great way for young professionals to gain real-world experience and for corporations to utilize valuable talent on their teams.

Before the end of this meaningful internship, Angie has some goals in mind, and Christina has some hopes for the future. Angie is optimistic about giving her more exposure to not only their team but other areas of organization in order to broaden her experience and gain ideas of other career paths, as well. According to Angie, “She is a great communicator, which is so important no matter what route she goes. I have no doubt she will be very successful!” Christina is planning on attending the University of Minnesota in the fall and is hoping to pursue a degree in Marketing at the Carlson School of Management. At Genesys Works, we know how essential supervisors like Angie can be to our young professionals in meeting their goals and inspiring them to succeed.

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