Forging my career path with Genesys Works and Target

May 1, 2020


Twin Cities

By Pa Gar Vang

I joined Genesys Works because I wanted to learn more about the tech industry and gain hands-on insight into corporate life. I didn’t know much about what I wanted to pursue once I was attending college, so Genesys Works was a chance to see if Information Technology was for me. During my high school internship at Abbott, I found out that I liked IT, but I had a bigger passion for art and decided to declare a major in Graphic Design. However, I was still uncertain what exactly I wanted to do with this degree. After much thought and many long conversations, I found myself leaning back towards the field of technology. I always knew I wanted to do something with a guest-facing platform, but I knew I also had an interest in coding. Through many informational interviews, I learned about different careers that potentially lined up with my interests. After further research, similar buzzwords began to surface, and I concluded that Web Design and User Experience was the perfect field for me. It has components of both IT and art that I liked, and I wouldn’t have found this out without the support of Genesys Works and Target.

I began my college internship with Target last summer. I interned as a product design assistant in the Home Design Department. Though Genesys Works internships are typically more focused on tech, I was offered the same support that Genesys Works offered to other interns. Because of this, I didn’t feel discouraged about being in a different field – after all, Genesys Works wants students to be successful and prepared for the future, regardless of what career path we take. Genesys Works staff try their best to cater to student interests and find opportunities to help us excel. I also think we often forget how broad the world of IT is; it is an umbrella that covers many categories, and people might be surprised to find out that what they want to do falls under it – like I was with my interest in art. I appreciate that Genesys Works has been open and flexible with my career choice because it has created a welcoming and engaging environment where I can seek the support I need.

Not only did Genesys Works provide me with the support I needed for my career, but Target has also become a place that encourages me to seek the answers to my career questions. I admire this company because they support curiosity. They want me to have questions, and they want me to learn. They want me to continuously grow. Everyone is willing to help me, and if someone can’t help, they try their best to find someone who can. Target is full of resources and amazing and intellectual individuals. I am grateful for my supervisors and peers for encouraging me to set up coffee conversations with many different people. As an introvert, meeting new people can be intimidating, but as a result of my conversations, I’ve learned a lot about post-college experiences and tips to take along in my journey. Without this encouragement, I would probably still be seeking the resolution to my career crisis.

Additionally, Target also offers me the flexibility to try new opportunities. They have given me the chance to work in a different department, which is important because it has given me the chance to try things that I have always wanted to do. For example, I was given the opportunity to work with the Print and Pattern team, a team full of great designers. As a graphic design student, there are many different departments I still have much to learn about. By working with this team, I was able to learn basic sewing and pattern making, which was very exciting for me! I may even consider pattern making further along my graphic design journey. At Target, I haven’t been given any guidelines that say that I have to do the same thing for the rest of my life. I am grateful to be a part of Genesys Works and Target because they have taught me to go outside of my comfort zone and try new things. Without these experiences, I would not have found out my interests in Web Design and User Experience.

About the Writer

My name is Pa Gar, and I am part of Genesys Work’s Class of 2018. I am also a part of the first class of the Genesys Works Talent Development Pipeline. I am attending the University of Minnesota Twin Cities with the hope of becoming a web designer.

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