Genesys Works Houston’s Ambassadors Luncheon Exceeds Goals and Inspires Houston Executives

September 27, 2019



Genesys Works gave interns a seat at the table at the first-ever Ambassadors Luncheon on September 26 at the River Oaks Country Club. The event brought over 200 business professionals together to discuss mentorship, opportunity, and workplace diversity.

Over 30 Genesys Works interns, past and present, were in attendance to serve as ambassadors and lead table talks, highlighting the importance of early and equal access to work-based learning opportunities for all young people, regardless of their zip code or what school they go to. With one intern at each table, the format of the luncheon fostered lively conversation and connection.

“The Ambassadors Luncheon gives business professionals a chance to hear from Houston’s future workforce and give their support at a very personal level,” said Katherine Taylor, Executive Director of Genesys Works. “Nobody knows the Genesys Works program better than our intern ambassadors. They are a testament to the amazing careers and learning that can occur at the intersection of motivation and opportunity.”

With the leadership of co-chairs Myrtle Jones, Senior VP of Tax at Halliburton, and Elisabeth Nash, Senior VP of Operations Services at SCI, the luncheon surpassed its gross fundraising goal, and raised over $220,000 to support Genesys Works’ signature high-touch, high-impact program.

Lisa Fitzpatrick, President of Bloomberg Tax and Accounting, joined the event as the keynote speaker. She kicked off the table-talk style discussions, by sharing how mentorship from key individuals impacted her own career trajectory. She spoke on her personal journey to career success, including the importance of building a strong professional network, being unafraid to fail, building self-confidence, and embracing professional feedback as a growth opportunity. From her beginnings in circulation and advertising sales for special interest magazines, to her current leadership of Bloomberg Tax and Accounting, Lisa credits her success to the impactful relationships she made coupled with her own determination.

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