Give to the Max Week 2019: Student Testimonials

November 19, 2019


Twin Cities

Wanting to know more about why Genesys Works is worth your investment? Hear directly from our young professionals – those still in high school, those in college, and those who have begun their career – on how Genesys Works has been influential in their journey to career success.


Genuine Song: Class of 2020 Land O’Lakes, Inc. Intern


Why Genesys Works? Hello, I am Genuine Song, and I am a current IT Helpdesk intern at Land O’Lakes, Inc. Genesys Works has had a major impact on my senior year. This organization has helped me by placing me into an astonishing corporation and even assisted me in applying to colleges. This paid internship is very advantageous to me. As a senior, I am gaining the experience of being in a workforce with co-workers who have great knowledge about college and work values.

Obtaining a paid internship after eight long weeks of summer training was worth it. This decision of pursuing Genesys Works was the best. In my recent months of being placed in Land O’Lakes, I’ve already met with a financial analyst and a finance manager. They both have supported me, guided me in work, and given me advice for college.

Genesys Works and my program coordinator both have urged me to apply for colleges. They even hosted meetings twice each month so we can meet in person to talk about college applications. Being a senior with three AP courses, an internship, and a weekend job, it’s very challenging to balance my schedule with applications. But, because of these meetings, I’ve applied to more than ten colleges. And I’ve already been admitted to three universities!


Faiza Mohamoud: Class of 2018 Super Valu Intern, Current Talent Development Pipeline Member, & Student at Metropolitan State University


Hello, my name is Faiza Mohamoud, and I am currently a sophomore studying computer science at Metropolitan State University. I’ve been in Genesys Works for going on three years now, and I have a few family members in it as well. I would definitely say Genesys Works has changed my life. This organization has helped me gain real-world skills, learn about different career paths, and has overall, given me the confidence and support system to dream big and believe I can achieve anything, as long as I put my mind to it.

As a first-generation American and college student it’s hard to navigate the post-high school world. All of a sudden you don’t have a flow chart or plan for what you’re supposed to do, and adding the cost of college on to that can be super nerve-racking. With the help of another part of Genesys Works called the Talent Development Pipeline (TDP), I’ve been given the guidance I needed to succeed: from decoding FAFSA packages to figuring out my class schedules and transportation. I have also built an amazing group of mentors and other GW students that show me every day that I deserve and can succeed in tech and business world.  


Merhawi Berhane: Class of 2013 Accenture Intern, Current Career-Ready Hire at Target


Hello, my name is Merhawi Berhane and I am a Genesys Works career-ready hire placed at Target Corporation. I joined Genesys Works in 2013 as part of Class 5. Prior to joining Genesys Works, I had very little, if not no knowledge of what the professional world looks like. Genesys Works didn’t just introduce me to the professional world, but it also helped me and my fellow young professionals prepare and train on a variety of skills such as how to interview, how to communicate professionally, resume workshop, computer troubleshooting, and many other helpful skills that many of us wouldn’t have access to learning. While interning at Accenture during my senior year in high school, Genesys Works was determined to help me and others in the program prepare for college. Joel Crandall, Senior Director of Operations kept in touch with me throughout college and provided me with all sorts of help that I needed.

I can comfortably say that there is no other organization that is so determined to help and provide opportunities for young people as Genesys Works.


Bereket Lajebo: Class of 2020 CHS, Inc. Intern


Hi, I am Bereket Lajebo and I am a level 3 IT support intern at CHS Inc. As a Genesys Works Young Professional, I have acquired many skills that will help me thrive in a corporate world. I have learned many soft skills, such as professionalism, customer service, and stress management. These skills have been very useful to me not only in my internship with CHS but in my day-to-day life.

One of the things I enjoy about working at CHS is working with people who are willing to answer my questions. Whether it is about work or life, they have good advice to give. This is a great opportunity for me to learn more about the corporate world and computers. Although summer training has taught me basic computer information, all the internships have trainings that are specific to the company and the team we are placed in. In addition, this internship has given me an opportunity to make connections with people. For example, my supervisor’s boss is an IT professor at Inver Hills Community College, where I am taking PSEO classes.

I am grateful for Genesys Works and for the opportunities it has provided me so far. Thanks for reading and considering a gift to Genesys Works. 

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