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October 6, 2017








When listening to Darrion, it’s clear that you’re talking to a future engineer. His words – carefully chosen and precise – revolve around building things, from the competitive racecar scene (Read more about Darrion’s racing team) to a future career in prosthetic limbs.

“I was first introduced to engineering through one of my teachers,” says Darrion of an Engineering teacher at his school. “That’s where I learned that I can build things that help other people.”

Darrion, a Young Professional at Genesys Works Chicago, works as an IT Help Desk Intern at Relativity (formerly kCura). He is a high school senior at Gwendolyn Brooks College Preparatory Academy and plans to pursue a degree in Mechanical Enginerring.

Cary Archer, Program Coordinator at Genesys Works Chicago describes Darrion as outgoing and personable. “He worked very hard during summer training to develop his professional skills,” says Archer. “He helps his fellow Young Professionals and his enthusiasm fills the room.”

We wanted to find out more, so we sat down with Darrion at the Genesys Works office.

How do you think Genesys Works can help you with your professional goals?

Darrion: I see Genesys Works as a starting ground for my career goals. I want to someday start an engineering company with my friends, and GW has given me professional skills as well as a deeper understanding of technology.

Tell us more about your engineering company?

Darrion: I’m a member of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) organization at my school, and that’s where I met two other students who want to become engineers. Our idea is to form a startup that can provide designing, building and coding for other companies. I think Genesys Works will be helpful with business skills like presenting ideas and collaborating with other professionals.

What attracts you to a career in Mechanical Engineering?

Darrion: I’ve always been great at math, and after taking an engineering class, I see a lot of potential to do good by building things. Recently I tore a ligament in my left arm while playing basketball. My doctor gave me an arm brace, and I was fascinated by it. It made me think of all the amazing work happening with prosthetic arms and legs. It also made me think about a security guard at our school who is missing an arm. I see how difficult it is for him sometimes, and how “building him an arm” would help him a lot. I’d like to do that someday.

What is your internship with Relativity like?

Darrion: Relativity is a huge company, and their offices cover five different floors. I have a lot of tech at my desk, which is cool, and I work side-by-side with another Genesys Works intern. My main responsibilities are imaging computers and setting up the desk spaces – laptops and tech – for new employees. My supervisor Chris is great and easy to talk to.

Entrepreneur. Mechanical Engineer. High school intern. Genesys Works Young Professional. These are all words that describe Darrion. There is no doubt that he is going places, and Genesys Works is proud to be there with him every step of the way.


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As part of an ongoing series, Genesys Works Chicago is highlighting the GW Class of 2018. Each Young Professional is a high school senior with a year-long internship at a prominent Chicago corporation.
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