Kickstart Your Career Event Recap

October 28, 2019


Twin Cities

Did you know that only 39% of employees attempt salary negotiation? It can be an intimidating topic, but it can have a big impact on salary and career trajectory. At the latest Kickstart Your Career event hosted by Accenture, we aimed to give Genesys Works alumni the confidence and tools to be successful negotiators in the workplace and beyond.

The event kicked off in downtown Minneapolis with words of encouragement from Christine Sovereign, Senior Managing Director at Accenture: “It is important for all of us if we are going to be successful in negotiations to always know what is important to you and always know that you are worth asking for it.” What followed was a crash course in negotiating strategies, led by Accenture consultants, two of whom are Genesys Works alumni. Yasmeen Ewaida is from the Genesys Works Chicago class of 2014 and is now a Technology Analyst at Accenture. Mohamed Sharif is from the GWTC class of 2015 and is now an Application Development Analyst at Accenture. 

As a part of the workshop, the 23 attendees first learned the four key principles of salary negotiation know the situation, know your worth, know the numbers, and know your strategy and then put these principles to the test through hands-on simulations and team-building exercises. 

Khoa Ha, a Genesys Works alumnus from the Class of 2016, shared that the salary negotiation skill of knowing your worth would be most helpful for him as he develops in his job with corporate partner Best Buy. “People would tell me that I have these skills that I did not realize I had. I tend to undervalue myself. I will get more perspectives from friends, family and colleagues to know what I am good at and bring that into my job reviews.”

Overall, this event demonstrated the value of the Genesys Works network as alumni pursue high-paying careers. Project Management Analyst Veronica Subat summed up the importance of this perfectly: “You are involved in Genesys Works, which gives you a leg up on most people. You can set your target salary above the average.” 

A big thanks to Accenture and to our two enthusiastic and willing Genesys Works alumni who are living proof of how to kickstart your career.

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