Meet the three interns supporting the Genesys Works Twin Cities team

October 16, 2020


Twin Cities

While Genesys Works Twin Cities (GWTC) partners with more than 40 companies to employ youth in business technology, we’ve also personally owned this responsibility by hiring three young professionals to support our creative and technical operations within Genesys Works. And, it comes as no surprise that each of them is walking on their own unique pathway to success.

Jennifer Martinez, Operations Intern 

Jennifer Martinez, Operations Intern at Genesys Works Twin Cities

Jennifer Martinez is currently a second-year student at Normandale Community College where she hopes to continue uncovering her interests and  prioritize personal growth. Jennifer has enjoyed networking with others in order to learn more about their position, enrich her current college experience, and gain insight into the various career opportunities. While she is still exploring her career path, Jennifer is sure of her passion for mental health and supporting others through their own mental health experiences.

As an operations intern at GWTC, Jennifer has been able to expand upon her professional development experiences in college. While engaging in a variety of technical projects, she’s also grown a number of skillsets. She specifically cited her “great virtual communication, stronger time management, and of course, efficiency with work and projects.” As her fellow young professionals also seek out future career opportunities, she advises them to keep an open mind and to explore the many career options there are, such as by joining clubs and taking classes of interest, to gain knowledge and find the career path that best suits them.

Pa Jai Thao, Operations Intern

Pa Jai Thao, Operations Intern at Genesys Works Twin Cities

Pa Jai Thao is a current senior at Hamline University pursuing a BA in Psychology. She hopes to have a career that involves her psychology knowledge – as it has provided her with a foundation of self-development and a focus on teamwork – but is also keen on continuing to explore other career opportunities available to her.

Throughout her internship at GWTC, Pa Jai has also gained skills in communication and time management. Most notably, she’s had the opportunity to network and collaborate with other departments such as the College and Career Success Team to broaden her experience even beyond technical operations.

While learning to navigate the professional world can initially be difficult, Pa Jai has accustomed herself well to a professional work environment through her Genesys Works experience. She advises other young professionals to take an opportunity whenever it’s available to gain a wide range of experiences, prioritize networking, and continue to build upon foundational skills, such as communication and time management.

Amal Kayse, Marketing and Communications Intern

Amal Kayse, Marketing Intern at Genesys Works Twin Cities

A current junior at the University of Minnesota, Amal Kayse is pursuing a BS in Technical Writing and Communications. She has a passion for marketing and UX design and hopes to incorporate those passions into future career opportunities. Amal hopes to have a career that encourages growth and teamwork, both of which align with her values.

As a marketing and communications intern with GWTC, she believes this experience will expose her to the various platforms and tools needed to manage communications at Genesys Works and beyond. She appreciates the hands-on experience because it allows her to relate it to the concepts she’s studied in her major coursework. According to Amal – and we’d concur – it is never too early to start building your portfolio of professional experiences and building a solid foundation of skillsets. Much like Pa Jai, she shares it’s important to take whatever opportunities come your way, as it often opens many doors to unexpected opportunities.

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