Student Spotlight: Rayne Nelson, Best Buy and Geek Squad

March 14, 2018


Twin Cities

Intern: Rayne Nelson

GW Class: 2018

High School: Burnsville Senior High School

Company: Best Buy and Geek Squad

Rayne Nelson remembers walking into the Genesys Works Twin Cities signature event – Draft Day – in August of 2017 feeling nervous and overwhelmed by the crowd. Despite the nerves, she was happy and felt pumped to find out about what her year-long internship experience would be. It was on Draft Day that Rayne discovered she would be interning at one of our 58 corporate partners: Best Buy and Geek Squad.

When Rayne first walked into the Best Buy and Geek Squad headquarters, she was struck by how it’s a “city within a building.” Having now worked with Adam Silkey (her supervisor at Best Buy and Geek Squad) on the Technical Tools Team since August, she feels comfortable and knows what she brings to her team and the important work she is providing for Best Buy and Geek Squad, while also building her own experiences and skills.

Rayne wasn’t always sure that technology would be a good fit for her. Now, she helps to check for viruses that may have infected computers and helps to deploy those computers back to people. Adam has helped to grow her skills, particular with coding, and she now feels comfortable taking on this crucial work at Best Buy and Geek Squad. She can even see herself studying technology – alongside music – at college, a big change that has taken place over the course of her internship.

Rayne shared what this opportunity has meant to her: “Genesys Works has opened a lot of opportunities for me. They have helped me to figure out the path that I want to go into and it has built motivation in me. There was so much encouragement during summer training and they showed me you have to work hard to earn something. I would give my whole heart to Genesys Works.”

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