Summer Training – Week 2: Questions You Can Ask Your Young Professionals

July 6, 2017



Questions You Can Ask Your Young Professionals

CHICAGO – July 6, 2017

Students are beginning their 8 weeks of professional and skills training around the country, and they’re learning a ton of new topics. From computer software to elevator pitches to accounting principles… It’s valuable to get your students talking about what they learned. It will help them retain their new knowledge, and give you something exciting to talk about over the dinner table.

Here are a few questions that you can ask students to get them talking about their summer training:

  • What’s an email signature, and why is it important to have?
  • What is a hard drive? (for the IT program students)
  • What is an expense? (for the Accounting program students)
  • What is the Genesys Works dress code?
  • On an Excel document, what is a cell and column?
  • What’s one new professional skill you’ve learned?



About Genesys Works
Genesys Works
 is a nonprofit social enterprise changing the trajectory of life for disadvantaged high school students 
through meaningful work experiences. Its program consists of eight weeks of technical and professional skills training, a paid year-long corporate internship, college and career coaching, and alumni support to and through college. Its goal is to move more students out of poverty and into professional careers, creating a more productive and diverse workforce in the process. Since its founding in 2002, Genesys Works has grown to serve nearly 3,000 students annually in Houston,Chicago, Minneapolis/St. Paul, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Washington’s National Capital Region. To learn more,visit

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