Genesys Works Houston Is Connecting High School Students To Business Careers

High school seniors with a desire to go to college and gain professional careers have Genesys Works Houston as an option. Find out how the program works and how to get involved in this week’s Houston Newsmakers with Khambrel Marshall. Watch The Full Interview!

Tech Skills or Soft Skills, Which Matter More? The Answer May Surprise You

There’s a lot of buzz in the tech world that soft skills help employees succeed and move up the corporate ladder as much as, if not more than, tech skills. In fact, two recent workplace studies by Google revealed the top seven skills that indicate career success at the tech giant are all soft skills,

Building with Heart and Balance: A Spotlight on Atlassian

Atlassian’s core values drive all of their interactions with Genesys Works, making them an ideal partner! Brandon Lara Gutierrez, Class of 2020, shares his experience as a Young Professional on their Web Production team.

Career Launched!

We’re entering an exciting phase in the Talent Development Pipeline (TDP) program. This year, Genesys Works young professionals are beginning to exit the program for the very reason they enter it: to launch their career! Our first individual to move into his first official career role is – drumroll, please – Kyle Lee!  Find out more about Kyle and his first career moves, and stay tuned for more individuals to be added to the official “Career Launched” list!

Genesys Works NYC Breaking Through at Home

Thank you to the more than 150 individuals who attended Genesys Works New York City’s inaugural Breaking Through Ceremony honoring our first class of interns! Your support means so much to our young professionals as they enter the next chapter in their lives. In partnership with you — our dedicated supervisors, corporate and school champions, funders, and advisors — we have helped our

Annual Impact Report Extended Story: Creating a Holistic Learning Experience

When we say Genesys Works takes a village, Harding Senior High School is what we mean. When we say a student needs to be holistically supported to succeed, Harding Senior High School is, once again, what we mean.  

Annual Impact Report Extended Story: From Internship to Full-Time Employment

Mission completion. That’s what we call the magic happening at Land O’Lakes, Inc. with Denise Reyes and Nancy Yang – two Genesys Works alumni who are now full-time employees with the company.

Annual Impact Report Extended Story: Vision for Sustainable Impact

Brandon Vi, a young professional at Best Buy, understands the big picture. He knows that he’s part of something that will benefit him in the long run as he pursues a career in technology. And, he knows that he’s part of something more significant than just himself – something that will benefit the futures of so many young people like him who don’t have access to high-paying technology careers at a company like Best Buy.

Young Professional Guest Blogger Series: Internship Breakthrough Moment

I experienced a breakthrough moment in my internship experience when I helped co-host a Lunch & Learn event with my supervisor at Medtronic. For this project, I applied skills that I learned in summer training, my internship experience, and beyond. With my team’s support, I created different kinds of content and marketing materials for the event, including putting together a branded PowerPoint presentation, writing emails that were sent out to more than 900 MDT employees, and designing posters.

Internship Spotlight – Ali Hammad, Kratos

My coworkers had been talking about various hacking conventions since the beginning of my internship, but there was one in particular that they told me about in early November. That one was ShmooCon.