You’re Hired! Our Interview with PaNa, Recent Target Hire

We recently asked PaNa Vang, a Class of 2012 Genesys Works young professional, a few questions about her experience in high school and her most recent accomplishments, including her new job at Target Corporate!

Student Spotlight: Rayne Nelson, Best Buy and Geek Squad

Rayne Nelson remembers walking into the Genesys Works Twin Cities signature event – Draft Day – in August of 2017 feeling nervous and overwhelmed by the crowd. Despite the nerves, she was happy and felt pumped to find out about what her year-long internship experience would be. It was on Draft Day that Rayne discovered she would be interning at one of our 58 corporate partners: Best Buy/Geek Squad.

Genesys Works Intern Sparks Medtronic Initiative

In August 2017, Class of 2018 Medtronic intern Kachi asked a simple, insightful question. He wanted to know whether or not there was a place to celebrate employees of the month at Medtronic. Fast forward, and his question has sparked a monthly celebration with investment from multiple levels of the company.

Interview with a Genesys Works Chicago Intern

When listening to Darrion, it’s clear that you’re talking to a future engineer. His words – carefully chosen and precise – revolve around building things.

A Day in the Life of a Genesys Works Young Professional

As part of an ongoing series, Genesys Works Chicago is highlighting “A Day in the Life” for the GW Class of 2018. Each Young Professional is a high school senior with a year-long internship at a prominent Chicago corporation.

How Roles Reversed With One Internship, an Adviser and a High School Senior

HOUSTON PUBLIC MEDIA: “Inside the Classroom” In Houston Public Media’s ongoing series “Inside the Classroom,” Eloisa Cortinas, a senior at Alief Hastings High School, talks with her mentor María Carlota Palacios, who manages community relations at Williams, an energy infrastructure company. Educators and experts across Texas are trying to figure out how to make students more …