Week of August 28, 2017: ACHIEVER +

August 22, 2017



Post summer training facts: ACHIEVER +, Class Schedules and Grades


  • ACHIEVER + is a mid-day enrichment class for students as they wait to begin their internships. Instruction will focus on workplace readiness skills and post-high school preparation. Students will partake in activities that make them think critically, collaborate with others, and begin forming a post-high school plan. Activities will include time management, financial literacy, panel discussions, professional speakers, and tours of colleges and businesses.
  • ACHIEVER + begins September 11th at the Genesys Works office Monday through Thursday from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm.
  • Only students beginning an internship after September 13th will attend ACHIEVER + until their internship start date
    • Internship start dates varies. However, students will get an advance notice of internship start date.
  • ACHIEVER + is designed to  allows us the time to identify suitable internships as well as give the client time to process necessary on-boarding paperwork.
  • Please note, being placed after September 13th is not a reflection of performance. Placement delays are to ensure all students have a suitable internship home.

Class Schedules:

  • Students should be scheduled to leave the building between 12:00 and 12:30 pm for a 1:00 pm internship start time.
  • CPS course codes are given by Sue Heaney, Teacher of Record (slheaney@cps.edu).


  • Students receive three credits and a grade (grades are determined by their Program Coordinator). For CPS schools Sheri Lewis, Manager of School and Community Partnerships will send grades to Sue Heaney. For charter schools, grades must be requested.
    • For charter schools, please inform Sheri of grading deadlines. It is highly recommended to allow two weeks for grades to be submitted.

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